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Although rewthink limited only goes back to August 2014, I have been trading as rewthink since 2006. Back in the early days of being self-employed I was making anything and everything, mainly from timber - lots of private kitchens, the occasional dining table and even a bespoke toilet seat for the elderly granddaughter of a former prime minister.


In amongst this, there were items for Chez Bruce, Fortnum & Mason and Tom Aikens. When Jason Atherton and Tom Kerridge reached their respective Great British Menu banquettes, it was our boards that carried the winning dishes. 

By 2012 I had made the decision to focus solely on restaurant products, designing increasingly complex designs in a range of materials. This focus on a single area accelerated our knowledge and understanding of the industry and allowed us to invest in specialist machinery and develop techniques and processes in-house to further improve the quality of our products.  


I am still a hands-on maker -- yes we use CAD software for designing all the metal components, but most of the timber elements are designed and developed on the bench or at the machine so we can test and trial them.


By Andrew Clark, founder and director




For rewthink tailored this is Quercus Robur or European Oak.  Prime quality waney edged kiln dried timber.  This is typically 0.6m wide and up to 6m long when it arrives at our workshop.


Converting these large boards is probably the most difficult job in the workshop, not just physically but it takes experience to understand the defects and grain patterns.  It is probably similar to filleting or portioning fish and if you get it wrong then the waste pile is very large.  Our waste timber, mostly sapwood is cut to 45cm lengths and stacked before being used to fuel our wood fired boiler. This provides all our heating.  
As well as timber we also use slate from the Lake District, sheet metal and wirework as well as borosilicate glassware all cut or made to our designs.Image

We start with the best ingredients



Men in Sheds



Off-cuts that are too small for us to re-work but too good to burn we box up and deliver to our local Men in Sheds branch.  These are sheds run by charities to encourage retired men who don’t have a shed of their own to meet and make items together. We also donate any surplus or redundant hardware and tools.





We love innovating and go to great lengths to develop designs packed with original features and details.  We think about the food, the carrying, the table space, the cleaning and the storage to create products that are both beautiful and practical.

As proud members of ACID 

(Anti-copying in design) all our designs are filed with the ACID design database. If you see copies of our designs then please contact us so we can pass the details to ACID.



The Workshop



Imagine as a chef being asked to work with an old range in a kitchen with no extraction, it is the same for us.  For the benefit of our customers and our crew; our workshop is clean, bright and tidy with up to date dust extraction and modern machinery.  All woodworking machines can be dangerous but with the latest tooling, guarding and electronic breaking these risks are reduced. We have recently moved to new premises so we have an opportunity to further update our set-up. Our goal is to achieve a pleasant and efficient workshop but with character.  

Rewthink Limited

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