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Rewthink was born in 2006. Back in those early days, I was making anything and everything: lots of private kitchens, the occasional dining table, and even a bespoke toilet seat for the elderly granddaughter of a former prime minister!


As rewthink grew, we made items for Chez Bruce, Fortnum & Mason, and Tom Aikens. When Jason Atherton and

Tom Kerridge reached their respective Great British Menu banquettes, rewthink boards carried the winning dishes. 

By 2012, we had made the decision to focus solely on products for the hospitality industry, and began designing increasingly complex front-of-house items in a range of materials.


This focus on a single area accelerated our knowledge and allowed us to invest in specialist machinery, as well as develop techniques and processes in-house to further improve the quality of our products.  


Our visuals and final working drawings are produced on the latest 3D CAD software, though my old sketchbook is still an important part of the process.


Rewthink continues to grow, and is now a team of five.


Andrew Clark, founder and director

Rewthink Limited

Unit 4

Park Road Industrial Estate





Email: workshop@rewthink.co.uk

Workshop: 01322 660470


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